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Third bat course

Trapping site
We would like invite all people to the next event - Bat course in Malé Karpaty mountains. Please read following information.

About bats
This trapping site is ideal for bats dwelling underground spaces - like bats of the genus Rhinolophus (Horseshoe bats). These are typical small species of bats using their nose to the echolocation. The nose is formed to the horseshoe - so the name. There is also possible to trap other species - like Barbastele bat or Bechsteini bat. 

Basic information
This course will be realized 18.8.2018 at 19:45. However the trapping site is accessible only by the car. Please park your car here - N 48.35153° , E 017.21168°. We will be waiting for you at this place. Bats will be trapped at the site which is 10 minutes on the foot. The end of the Bat course is planned at 23:00, however you can leave anytime.  
Lesser horseshoe bat (R. hipposideros)

What do you need?
Please bring with you warm clothes with long sleeves, blanket and some food and something to drink. Also you will need a torch or a headlamp.

For detailed and additional information please contact us via email: or by the phone +421 910 971 960.