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Urban bats - protected species in our buldings

 Project description

Our project aims to promote bat protection through a combination of creativity and research. We are exploring innovative approaches to raise awareness about the importance of bats in ecosystems and to combat the threats they face. Through artistic endeavors and scientific investigations, we hope to inspire conservation efforts and safeguard the future of these remarkable creatures.

Implementation period: 21.9.2023 - 30.11.2024

Funded by Visegrad Fund


   Project partners



Saola - ochrana prírody - slovak non-governmental organization focused on the nature conservation and research activities, which help to improve the species conservation status. All year activity is aimed on the education of families and children, monitoring of bats and birds. Based on the previous project experiences, Saola prepares and realizes nature conservation projects especially on the local and regional level.   
Institute of Vertebrate Biology CAS
Institute of vertebrate biology - the origin of the Institute dates back to the beginning of 1953, when the Laboratory of Vertebrate Zoology of the newly formed Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences was established in Brno. From the very beginning the institution was rather small, but active and efficient. In the first decades of its existence, basic research on the biology of fishes, birds and mammals developer and, in the 1960s and 70s, the Institute was among the leading institutions in this field, both in former Czechoslovakia and abroad. The Institute has offered employment and support to hundreds of zoologists with a deep interest in the study of animals, their lives and their natural history.

Vénic Természetvédelmi és Természetismereti Alapítvány - hungarian non-governmental organization, focused on the nature conservation in the area Pilis and Visegrad mountains. Vénic Nature Conservation Foundation operates from February 2006. The membership of the Board of Trustees includes 3 persons as active center of the membership. Our programs were mostly volunteered by high school students and university students (cca. 5-10 people what depends on the season). The mission is composed of the floristic, fauna and ecological surveys carried out in the areas of  natural, but legal and non-protected areas in Hungary, especially in Natura 2000 areas. Within the framework of our public interest the aim is to know the biodiversity of natural sites of our surroundings and to get much more information about those still unknown areas. The target groups are mainly younger generations as students who interested on our biological diversity and the nature conservation.

ZBYTECH -  A company based in 2002 in Poland. Main mission is the conservation of bat wintering and breeding sites. Building and installation of bat boxes with original design is also important part of practical conservation measures.