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Zobrazujú sa príspevky z dátumu máj, 2018

First bat course in Austria

Bats are one of the groups, which is the subject of the conservation in NATURA 2000 areas. Important areas (NATURA 2000) for bats are distributed along the Morava river. So, one course aimed on the bat identification will be held in Hohenau an der March, Austria. We welcome all people interesting about bats. Time schedule: 18:00 - 19:00 Introduction of Determining species from pictures and padded bats 19:15 - 20:15 Introduction of acoustic bat determination 20:30 - about 22:00 Observation and determination in the field with bat detector, glasses and mist netting

First bat course in Slovakia successful

Are people in Slovakia interesting about bats? We have to say, that bats are creatures which people know less than another. So the course should improve general information about ecology and bat species in the area of the event. First event was held in Devin (Bratislava city) near the confluence of the Danube and Morava river. Most important was to attract a lot of people, what was fulfilled. Altogether more than 40 participants were present and curious about bats. In the first part experienced bat expert M. Noga presented interesting facts and the ecology of local species. After sunset first bats started flying along the river. We had prepared bat detectors, so we were able to detect them and identifying the kind of the bat. In the second part people were watching bats for some 30 minutes until it was too dark. Most of bats were one species - Noctule ( Nyctalus noctula ). It is typical forest species, common distributed in the area. On the end of the course, participants were able