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Bats and people in the Danube region

Bats and people in the Danube region - new project in collaboration of three non-governmental organisations represents new way in the bat conservation. Main objective of the project is the improving of the public awareness about bats in the Danube region and to support straight conservation actions for bats. Both subjects are important for the effective conservation in the region. The awareness about bats and the improving of shelter places will help to bat protection after the project.

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

Bat species in the Danube region - description 

Monitoring results 

Project is supported from the 

Implementation period: 1/2/2018 - 30/4/2019

Schedule plan

First phase - realization of the first meeting, identification of underground spaces for the improvement of the bat shelters. The preparation of the monitoring sites for the map of the bat diversity hot-spots.

Second phase - monitoring of bats, presentations for children, course for people, improvement of underground spaces.

Third phase - improvement of underground spaces, seminar - Bats and people community, online publishing the map of biodiversity hot-spots in the Danube region.

Fourth phase - Evaluation and reporting of the project.


Presentations for children
27/2/2018 ZŠ Česká, Bratislava, Slovakia - three presentations for children.

Seminar - Bats and people community - 17/11/2018
Information about the seminar - the location and program will published on this site and Facebook site.

Project objectives

Improving of the public awareness
Part of the project activities is aimed on the people from region - using of presentations for children, and bat course.

Regional bat conservation
Improving of shelter places, identification of bat diversity hot-spots and the exchange of knowledges between experts on the seminar.

Project partners

Saola - ochrana prírody - slovak non-governmental organization focused on the nature conservation and research activities, which help to improve the species conservation status. All year activity is aimed on the education of families and children, monitoring of bats and birds. Based on the previous project experiences, Saola prepares and realizes nature conservation projects especially on the local and regional level.   

Vénic Természetvédelmi és Természetismereti Alapítvány - hungarian non-governmental organization, focused on the nature conservation in the area Pilis and Visegrad mountains. Vénic Nature Conservation Foundation operates from February 2006. The membership of the Board of Trustees includes 3 persons as active center of the membership. Our programs were mostly volunteered by high school students and university students (cca. 5-10 people what depends on the season). The mission is composed of the floristic, fauna and ecological surveys carried out in the areas of  natural, but legal and non-protected areas in Hungary, especially in Natura 2000 areas. Within the framework of our public interest the aim is to know the biodiversity of natural sites of our surroundings and to get much more information about those still unknown areas. The target groups are mainly younger generations as students who interested on our biological diversity and the nature conservation.

Koordinationsstelle für Fledermaus-schutz und forschung in Österreich - specialized non-governmental organization, which is coordinating the bat conservation and research in Austria.