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Second course behind us

Noctule bat
On Saturday we realized mist-netting of bats for people in Marianka village. Altogether 20 persons came to the old quarry where the nets were prepared for the action. Main aim was to catch the bat using of the net, however it was not easy mission. During the dusk we tried to see the biggest owl in Europe - the Eagle owl. We observed one owl some minutes later. It was sitting at the tree top at the edge of the quarry for some 10 minutes. 

We saw also flying bats around our heads, however we didn't catch any of them. Part of the group went to the water area inside the quarry. On this place we observed many of bats drinking the water during the flight. In the light of the torch they flew very low over the water surface. Bigger part of people went to home after this observation. There remained only few persons which were successful in their effort - we caught first and last bat at this event. Male of the Noctule bat (N. noctula) was very patient, so everybody could look at him. It was our last experience with bats during this night. 

On the end of the event we can say that it was a nice time spent in the nature with very nice people. We hope that next events will be even more interesting for children and adults. 

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