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Bat course in Marianka village

First bat course in Devin was very successful, many people obtained new information about the bat ecology and conservation. We continue in this trend, so the next event aimed on the bat trapping will be held in old quarry near Marianka village at 9th June.

Meeting point is localized at the bus stop (bus number 37) Marianka, námestie. We are going to wait for people here at 20:40. The trapping site is localized some 10 minutes from the bus stop.

Where bats will be trapped? Destination is the old quarry (bridlicolom) near the village, here is a water area where bats are going to drink. Also in the quarry there is a chance to see eagle owl and frogs. Coordinates of the site - 48.247961°   17.078748°.

If you need more information, please use the mobile phone +421 910 971 960 or email

Details about the event are here -

This event is a part of the Visegrad fund project - Bats and people in the Danube region.